Client Workspace

Our goal is to help businesses work smarter through cloud-based computing. A major part of this is online file-sharing and collaboration. This gives our clients anytime access to their information, and improves their productivity by allowing them to work at a time and place that suits them.  It allows separate parties to log on, view documents together in real time, agree revisions and make changes. This speeds up task completion and ensures version integrity. As well as collaborating on current documents, we can store historical documents you may require access to (accounts, tax returns, etc). All of this is done in a secure workspace which only you can access. This high security level also allows us to use digital signatures to approve documents. Imagine:
  • No more emailing us backups of your book-keeping records
  • No more bulky envelopes of paper to sign
  • No more documents delayed in the post and ensuing panic
  • No more waiting until you can telephone our office to get copies of documents
All of this is available at no cost to our clients. Simply contact us to register for your secure workspace if you have not done so already.


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