Revenue targetting dental, airline, and meter reading sectors.

Revenue are now targeting dental, airline and meter reading sectors to determine whether people are employees or self –employed. In 2009, Revenue, in conjunction with the Department of Social and Family Affairs and NERA, commenced an investigation into employment status in the medical profession. Initially this concentrated on medical and pharmacy practices, with particular concentration […]

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Revenue cold-calling cash businesses.

Revenue are now frequently visiting businesses unannounced.  The practise of ‘cold calling’ recently extended by Revenue on a national basis has proved to be highly successful for them and this will continue into the future. In Clare, restaurants, hotels, bars and construction sites will be particularly at risk and Revenue intend to operate in tandem […]

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New Niall C Garvey & Co website launched!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new website. We are now providing so many new and innovative services to clients we decided to revamp our website to provide a useful access point. These services include: online (cloud) accounting shared client workspace digital signatures electronic invoicing and payment video and audio conferencing remote support […]

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